Natural light as a source of inspiration.

The ground floor and ninth floor are delimited by transparent glazing to minimise the barrier between inside and outside. On floors first to eighth are elegant and sober working environments in line with the language of the surrounding buildings. The offices are designed to facilitate the users’ well-being, offering a relaxing and soothing environment, with low acoustic impact, promoting focus and concentration. The tenth floor adds a new volume to the building by creating a penthouse with a splendid view of the city. 

Interior and
exterior meet.

The basement is a fluid space that opens to wards the outside, illuminated by natural light, from the courtyards. Continuous glazing en hances the quality of the spaces, directly linking the workplaces with the green areas of the two patios, offering pleasant and positive working environments. The offices are designed for a contemporary furnishing style equipped with fully customisable solutions. 

Dinner with a view.

With its view of the park and strategic location in the Porta Nuova district, the ninthfloor windows offer spectacular perspectives of a changing city. This is the ideal location for a panoramic restaurant that benefits from the terrace extensions on the same level to offer its customers the ability to enjoy a break in the open air. 

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